It might be difficult to describe the Divi WordPress theme as actually a theme because that implies a set group of layout options or design elements. While most WP themes are quite flexible these days, Divi takes it one very large step further.

When you install Divi on your site, you have the option to select one of the 20+ pre-built layouts that work excellently for a variety of page needs. If you do not like any of those or want something truly unique, all you have to do is click. There is an option to download layouts from the community of other Divi users too. Did you create a layout you think is perfect? Save it and share it with others.

But these layouts and templates are just the tips of the web building iceberg.

Divi WordPress Theme

How Does Divi WordPress Theme Help You Make Awesome Layouts?

This highly user-friendly WordPress theme consists of the bespoke Divi Builder. It lets you make changes in real time directly to your active website. All you have to do is click on an element and start typing or choose from a font, color, design, size, or many other options in a pop-up window. You can drag things to make them bigger, click and drag to move them, and add content of any type without going into any admin UI at all.

Some of the 40+ element options include:

  • Accordion and tabbed content
  • Audio and video players
  • Contact forms
  • Galleries and image blocks
  • Countdowns and circle graphs
  • Shop pages and testimonials
  • Social integration or comments

This is WYSIWYG to the Nth power. You can even customize your user interface to improve work flow when you do have to use it.

If you are a sole website owner, you get super-easy design without any coding knowledge necessary. They focus on security as well. If you operate a design or development business, you get unlimited site licenses standard, client access control, and dedicated support forever.

With such an amazing page builder, many people choose the Divi WordPress theme for life. The only complaint about it is that it can be challenging to transfer content to a new theme if you ever decide to stop using Divi. Since the customization options are handled with shortcodes, they may not automatically transfer to a different theme. With all the flexibility, security, and ease of use the Divi WP theme offers, however, you might ask why you would ever want to.